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Theresa Delaplain
Oboist, Composer, Educator

I am a classical music artist, with a focus on performance, composition, and education. As an oboist, I embrace performing a wide-ranging repertoire as soloist, in chamber ensembles, and in the orchestral setting. As a composer, I aspire to express the essence of human experience in a form easily accessible; I write in acoustic as well as acoustic and electronic combinations. As an educator, in presentations and in panel participation, I aim to transmit knowledge about diversifying repertoire through research, learning, communication and connection. 


I am passionate about presenting concerts with repertoire chosen intentionally toward an end. I often develop themed concerts with a social justice focus. I also design compelling programs which include works by underrepresented composers, expanding the diversity and inclusiveness of performed repertoire. In particular, I am drawn to music written by women, including BIPOC female composers past and present, and including my own compositions. I aim for the listener to connect with my art viscerally and intuitively, to experience a subjective encounter with the range of passion the music expresses. 


I aspire to the highest level of artistic expression in everything I do. I perform and create music as an immediate and powerful means of expressing myself in a way no other medium offers. 

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Music is the Journey

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